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to share what they wanted to be
when they grew up, what became of
that aspiration, and what the secret dream
is now that tugs at heart and soul.

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12 January 2012

The Secret Dreams / SoulLife Project

Have you ever had a moment when an idea captures you and won't let go?

Yesterday was one of those magical days when a confluence of seemingly random things took hold of my consciousness and wouldn't let go:
  • a quote shared by a colleague
  • an old yearning resurfaced
  • a problem solving conversation
  • an accidental discovery of fellow writer's creative approach to growth
  • an evolving desire to take a cross country car trip
  • the need to visit my elderly mother in another state
  • a desire to get out of my professional cave
  • an excitement for what can be done with technology these days
  • an abiding interest in what makes people tick
  • an insatiable curiosity about why we make the choices we make
Some of these things have been gently floating around in me for a while, directionless, like a feather tossed about in the wind, reluctant to land.

Some have been pressing on me like a puppy's growing insistence for attention -- lest I be sorry I ignore it too long.

And some hit me yesterday like an electrified, breath-taking revelation.
The quote is from the Gospel of St Thomas:  If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.
The fellow writer is Shelley Seale and her project 30 Days at a Time sparked a coalescence of the seemingly random items bulleted above into the beginnings of a do-able vision -- The Secret Dreams / SoulLife Project.

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