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18 January 2012

Dwelling in the Dream

Are you dwelling in your dream?

I don't mean, is your head in the clouds, and your brain out to lunch.  I mean, is a current big dream inspiring you to the extent that you are eating, breathing, and sleeping the passionate desire to make it happen?

If you're like me today, that might seem already exhausting, before even taking one step out the door.  

May I share with you what helps me?  Lighting a candle.

Using the brief moment of lighting a candle is a small ritual that brings consciousness into the dwelling of the dream.

Giving yourself even 5 minutes to close your eyes can allow your heart-mind to let go of the outer world and refocus on the inner whispers of your soul.

Taking a slow cleansing breath and exhaling even more slowly will help your scattered energies realign and ground. Grounded energy is needed to sustain passion and motivation to slog through the hard work of manifesting the dream.

In this space of allowing, listening, realigning and grounding,  the mind is better able to re-perceive the vision of the dream.

I find when my vision is clear, strong, and detailed, it's easier to sustain the passion for it in the face of fatigue, fear, and other obstacles.

Would love to hear how this works for you.  Blog me. (meaning, leave a comment).

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