This is an invitation to women everywhere
to share what they wanted to be
when they grew up, what became of
that aspiration, and what the secret dream
is now that tugs at heart and soul.

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The 2012 Secret Dreams Project

My vision for this project is two fold:
  1. to create a community of women who are emboldened to reclaim their secret dreams, and
  2. to eventually compile your stories into book form
To that end, this blog is meant as an initial and central place for the gathering of the Secret Dreamers, and as an invitation to share your journey, find your voice, or take your first steps into that deep yearning of your  Soul Life.

You might be wondering what I mean by the term Soul Life.  Let me ask you this:
  • Have you ever experienced such a deep yearning for something that no substitute and no distraction could change that feeling?  
  • Did it seem that that yearning came from the truest, most real part of yourself, as if encoded in your genetic structure?    
  • And if you've been able to act on that yearning, did you just know that that was why you'd been put on this earth -- to follow that dream, to serve that passionate purpose?
Psychologist Csíkszentmihályi Mihály, the author of Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience has written about being the flow state, a type of total absorption driven by internal motivation, as if responding to some inner command or inner driver.  He says flow is when we are the most happy and fulfilled.  

I would say that the internal driver is the soul.  When we are in the flow state, we are living in the magic of soul life.