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22 January 2012

Practicing Getting Unstuck from Fear

Have you heard of Chameli Ardagh and her work with feminine embodiment and the Awakening Women Institute?  I just discovered her today.  In this video she addresses fear as a feeling that we resist.

That idea that we must not feel fear is one of the primary saboteurs of women's dreams.  Too many of us were raised to believe that being afraid is a terrible thing that must be avoided at all costs.

But really, fear is just one of many types of emotional weather.  It's a gathering of storm clouds, and not even the thunder and lightening.  It's no more important than that.  We need not give it any more attention than we give the weather.  And yet, so many of us let fear control our lives.

So tell me -- do you put your life on hold every time you notice a storm cloud?  Or do you just grab an umbella, roll up the windows, and keep on driving towards your destination?

Living in the Pacific Northwest I've learned that I can't press PAUSE  on my plans, dreams, and action steps every time the sky gets dark, or I'd never get anything done.

Photo from: Sage Studio
I've learned that lightening doesn't really strike when I talk back to fear.  I've proven that the thunder-rumbling of fear is simply a grumbly-loud communication from the GrandfatherSpirits telling me not to give up.   Do not let anything stop your drive onward toward your goals, they say.

Hearing the thunder now makes me smile, and I answer, yes Grandfathers, I hear you.
The first step -- I think -- in getting unstuck from fear is this talking back to it, making it be the one to take the step back instead of you.

Or at least, question what your fear is trying to tell you.  It might be a message that now is not the time, or this is not the path.

But know this:  those messages of redirection --  when now is not the best time, or when the path needs a detour or a new travel agent -- are not the same as a message that is telling you to give up your dream.  Instead, those messages are meant to help you realize the wisest or quickest way to achieve it.

Don't be afraid of fear.  It only hurts you if you give it too much of a listen.

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