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01 March 2012

The Inner Child is the SoulLife Dreamer

May I suggest while you read this post,
listen to the hauntingly beautiful piano composition
Dreams of the Forgotten Child by David Lanz

Looking back into your childhood to remember the hopes and visions that once excited you can be a melancholy endeavor.  With memories of what used to seem so desired can come a sadness, and a wondering.

Children are full of hope. To a child, all things are possible, even simple.  The uncynical, uncomplicated, unfearful visions of a child begin as statements of the inborn soul's identity -- I'm going to be a fireman, a ballerina, a wizzard.

There is no doubt, no lack of self esteem or confidence.  Just enthusiastic conviction. And we move forward with our lives, as if this trusting declaration of what we are to be is all that is necessary to make it so.

Then we grow up, and put away "childish things."  But it's not just the idealistic hopes that become forgotten.  It's the dreamer within you, the  trusting innocent, the believer in possibility that gets a little lost as well.

Some of us who are lucky are able to hold on to this spark of soul's identity.  Our secret (sacred?)  dream fuels a special flame of hope that keeps us going through all the adult responsibilities, bleak economies, relationship squabbles, and soul-crushing jobs.

Psychologists tell us that the inner child is always within us.  It's an important part of the psyche.  It may need healing, or empowerment, or just the opportunity to express itself.

As a former therapist myself I know that getting in touch with your inner child, your SoulLife Dreamer, doesn't necessarily require therapy or counseling.

It does require a focused intent to give yourself enough quiet alone time to let that inner child be heard.  You can do that through meditation, or a walk in a park, or an afternoon at the beach.

Shhhh....listen.  What is your SoulLife Dreamer trying to tell you today?

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