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04 February 2012

What's the Dream that Helps You Cope?

Dreams that are postponed -- as so many are -- can still have a magical power in our lives.  

Some shine brightly, lending a bit of sunny hope during otherwise difficult years.  

Some keep your eyes focused on the far horizon and fuel the determination to keep learning, keep striving, keep moving forward even if progress seems painfully incremental.

Some  are the velvet cushion to land on when reality knocks you down.

What's the dream that helps you cope when life is not a fairy tale of sweetness and light?

I'm convinced that postponed dreams don't always have to be about manifesting a extraordinary accomplishments for them to play a very important role in emotional health, and personal success. This is true because not all secret dreams are about finding the treasure or living in the castle -- or the acquisition of the external trappings of happiness ever after.

On the contrary, some secret longings are about making a difference in other people's lives with the more angelic impulses in our character -- generosity, kindness, empowerment, or with the gifts of beauty, compassion, and understanding.

An as yet unmet dream can indeed help you cope with the mundane pressures of daily life.  Give yourself the chance for your dream to serve you in this way by taking 5 minutes every day for dream visualization.  You can do this:
  • in the shower 
  • before getting out of bed
  • instead of an after work martini 
  • on a noontime walk in the park
  • with the kids as a bedtime routine
or any time you give your mind permission to be in coping dream mode.

I'd love to hear about how your dream helps you cope.  Go ahead and use the comment form to share.

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